Smoking, alcohol and psoriasis

November 15, 2010

Question: How do smoking and drinking alcohol affect psoriasis?

Answer: Both smoking and alcohol consumption have repeatedly been shown to make psoriasis worse. Smoking in particular has been shown to trigger a form of psoriasis called palmar plantar pustulosis. This variant of psoriasis presents itself as red and white bumps mostly on the hands and feet. If you are trying to quit smoking and are considering using a nicotine patch, consult a dermatologist first. Nicotine patches can aggravate psoriasis. Also, alcohol may not only prevent treatment from being effective, it may cause serious side effects when mixed with some psoriasis treatments.

Dr. Izadpanah is a board certified dermatologist who has served as the Secretary-Treasurer of the San Diego Dermatological Society in 2009 and is now serving as the society President. Dr. Izadpanah is also a director on the board of the California Society of Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery (CalDerm).

Dr. Izadpanah completed his medical training at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine. He has published multiple journal articles and conducted research, as well as clinical trials related to dermatology. Dr. Izadpanah currently practices dermatology in San Diego.

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