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Enbrel and nail psoriasis

March 25, 2013 — 8:06pm

I have had psoriatic arthritis for 20+ years and have been forced to retire from orthopedic surgery because of the disease. I have the form that attacks the small joints of the hands and feet more than other joints.

I began Enbrel 4 months ago with really good results. The important thing here is that I had horrible nail involvement…which has cleared completely.

Editors Note: Enbrel is only available by prescription from a doctor.


  • I too have psoriatic arthitis, a year ago I began with plaque psoriasis I’ve used the different creams, and light therapy, I had it on my left elbow and legs with most on my lower legs and on my left hand dorsal side. My nails are also affected. It seemed to be getting better, however the past month I am much worse, I had the flu about 3 months ago and my doctor feels that that exacerbated it. He is recommending Humira, I see my rheumatologist tomorrow for consult. I will tell you lately it is affecting me emotionally, I dread summer, I get tired of people looking at my legs, I wear pants just below my knee, but you can still see it, I’ve tried makeup which helps a little. I’m not crazy about using biologicals but at this time I feel I need something. I have very little pruritius with mine, I feel like I have a sunburn most of the time. Thanks for listening I just needed to vent.

  • Glad you vented. I too dread summer for the same reasons. It’s hard not to feel self-conscious. I am using Stelara but my legs and feet have not been responsive (yet – I hope)

  • I have psoriasis over 75% of my body. At started as a toddler and I developed psoriatic arthritis in my teens. I have tried many treatments. Recently, I started drinking a
    health and wellness supplement called LIMU and have had amazing relief
    of itching! Active ingredient is “Flucoidan” and it works on all types of inflammation,
    You can read more info at

    I am so embarrassed by white flakes from scratching. I cringe when I have to walk across a dark carpet or sit on friend’s upholstery. I also have it on my scalp and people just love to touch my white hair. I am so afraid they will see white flakes flying and get grossed out. I have only used LIMU
    product a few weeks but scaling is decreasing and itching is gone.
    Praise the Lord!

    it is okay to email me…

    Sally Reynolds, R.Ph.

  • Hi, I have the same situation, I have p on my lower legs, and I cannot wear shorts, my summer time is ruined by P, and I want to get biologic prescription for doctor, but I dont know whether my insurance will cover it.

  • My psoriasis started in nursing school…stress I presume. I have had bouts of it for twenty years. What has helped me most is drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water per day. I continued to use my creams but over 2-3 months it completely disappeared! I am now having symptoms of arthritis. My little finger on my right hand is swollen and tender and I have very limited movement. My doctor wants me to start biologics which I am hesitant to do. I have a history of cancer so the thought of depressing my immune system does not appeal to me. Hope you will try the water just remember you have to be consistent.

  • I have it on my face and its extremely painful and weapy but a hairdresser I used recently recommended a gel that is used for body contouring wraps and I have to say it has helped where absolutely nothing else has its by ; It works global its expensive but if you can find someone selling it that will give u a good price it really with it Good luck and God Bless!

  • Hi Missy111,
    There are a number of financial assistance and discount options for biologic treatments. You can learn more here:

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