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Enbrel and nail psoriasis

January 30, 2013 — 11:40pm

I have had psoriatic arthritis for 20+ years and have been forced to retire from orthopedic surgery because of the disease. I have the form that attacks the small joints of the hands and feet more than other joints.

I began Enbrel 4 months ago with really good results. The important thing here is that I had horrible nail involvement…which has cleared completely.

Editors Note: Enbrel is only available by prescription from a doctor.


  • I also have psoriatic arthritis in my fingers and my feet. My question is did you try any other meds before using Enbrel?

  • Enbrel is amazing for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis…I was clear of psoriasis and from arthritis pain for 10 years while on Enbrel…but then I was diagnosed with MS.
    One Doctor says it was the Enbrel…the other says could be..but not sure! Be careful and read all the warnings!

  • I have never had the medicne so i don’i know. All I know is I need some help.I got laid off my j in 2010 no insurance had to have kidney surgery,heart treament, i need som medical help i can’t see a doctor unless i have $100-
    to $200 in my pocket all the unempolyment is gone want give me disability. Help me please

  • Is it expansive ?

  • What was the situation with your nails? Pitting? Eaten a way?

    What was the result after 4 months?

    Any side effects?

  • >Emma Harris. The Ambvie (sp?) Foundation will help low income folks with meds. They have helped me obtain Humira for 2 yrs.

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