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T/Sal, cod liver oil, Vaseline

February 26, 2013 — 11:00pm

I am a 61-year-old gentleman who has suffered with psoriasis for over 25 years. A friend of mine at work, who works in hazardous waste, was about to throw away a bottle of T/Sal [salicylic acid shampoo made by Neutrogena] shampoo because it was one year old. My company makes fragrances for shampoos and other products. He knew of the problems I’ve had with my scalp psoriasis and said, “Try this shampoo. You never know. It might work.” I had tried T/Gel and other shampoos, but never the T/Sal, as I thought the salicylic acid would burn my scalp. Lo and behold, my scalp started clearing, slowly, but better than before with the use of the other shampoos, prescriptive oils and even olive oil. I rub it in and leave for five minutes. About this same time, I had a surprise 80th birthday party for my mother, and got to talking with an uncle about my problems with arthritis (probably psoriatic-type). He told me to take cod liver oil every morning to alleviate the pain. I bought a bottle of Squibb cod liver oil capsules and started taking one every morning, along with my high blood pressure pills and Metamucil for constipation. As of one year and two months since starting all of this, I have one area the size of a pinky fingernail above my right ankle that won’t go away and just a little around my ears that the T/ Sal keeps clear. The rest of my body is in total remission. One other tip is to use Vaseline on the body. It costs very little for a 1-lb. jar, and it keeps the skin very moist after a shower.


  • A shampoo that worked very well for me was Ionil-T (the first letter is “I” not “el”, the last letter is “el”– eye-oh-nil). A dermatologist recommended it and I loved it. BUT, it is not advertised so people don’t know about it. It used to be made by Galderma, but most recently it was manufactured by Healthpoint Ltd. You can purchase it on Amazon, but otherwise it is very difficult to find. I don’t think it’s for everybody as some will be put off by the fragrance (which rinses out thoroughly). It does not leave a residue on the hair as some other psoriasis shampoos do and your hair feels very clean afterwards.

  • Does anyone who has pustular psorisis, know of a good treatment center for this type of psorisis? I am at the point where I feel like I am going to lose my mind! I am so tired of having the white pustular’s all over my cloths, drop on all the furniture, the floor, covering my iPad….. And now the lesions are so open that I have contracted a Staph infection, I have been very ill for weeks. I live in New Mexico and none of the dermatologists know how to treat this type of psorisis and all the states surrounding me do not treat it either. I am in so much pain, I feel like I am going to die. If anyone has information on where a good treatment center for pustular psorisis is located I would be grateful to here about it.

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