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Aloe to relieve itch

January 17, 2014 — 5:23pm

I use an aloe plant, and it feels very soothing! I just cut a small piece of the plant off, peel the skin back a little and start massaging it into my skin. It’s not a cure, of course, but it sure helps the itching… tremendously!


  • I use clobetasol propionate .05% aftre shower apply when skin is moist. works for me i hope for you to .

  • Don’t you hate when people see your skin and give you advice to help it? For instance, there will always be a person waiting to tell you that their grandmother cured their psoriasis in one month by using “HORTON’s BAG BALM” lotion and you can get it at Wal-mart. They had a “SPOT” on their hairline once and it was “definitely” psoriasis. These well intended people have no idea what Psoriasis is or how to care for it.

    Often times, I find that I have to educate my own family and friends more often than I do strangers. It can sometimes be frustrating when those closest to you don’t even understand this disease that often is hereditary but never contagious.

    I’ve listed a few things that “Work for me! ”

    Plenty of WATER. I try to drink at least a gallon a day.

    Saran Wrap those legs. Occlusion Dressing – Use Vaseline or similar product, coat the legs. Then wrap the lower legs with saran wrap. Tug but not so tight that you lose circulation. Go on about your day, later that night – take off the saran wrap to find that the symptoms of psoriasis are gone. Be CAREFUL though. Prolonged use may also cause damage.

    Over the counter topical creams – Use real moisturizers though, not the cheap fragrances.. Don’t scratch or pick. It damages the skin and causes the skin cells to multiply in the area.

    Reduce your weight – Moderate exercise, losing weight increases the endorphins and “feel good” stuff that also reduces internal stressors. Cardio exercise and moderate weight lifting, along with cutting back on carbs and fatty or fried foods have dramatically improved the symptoms of psoriasis for me.

    Inner peace – Psoriasis flare ups have a lot to do with Stress and inner conflicts. Take time to read books, take long walks, let things go.

    Allow for some sunshine in your life. It helps. I use a tanning bed twice a week. Remember, if you overdo this, you may worsen the condition and even create more serious damage.

    Standing in long HOT showers can help our muscles feel relief but it may also draw moisture from your skin. Try to reduce the heat. Alcohol may also de-hydrate you and have been a trigger for flare ups for me.

    Initiate a well balanced diet. Plenty of vegetables. A gluten free diet or at least cutting back on red meats and wheat product may help improve your conditions. For me, cutting down on my cholesterol intake was a huge difference. Eliminating dairy has seen a change too.

    Stay on track. Flare-ups will happen. For me, psoriasis management is about maintaining a well balanced and moderate life style and recognizing the triggers that may lead to a flare up. Too much of anything and not enough of the other will surely bring on a flare up. Yet, When flare ups do occur, (in the winter months usually for me) I simply re-evaluate my program and get back on track.

    You can get more information by going to the different websites and joining an online community that talk about psoriasis and what effectively works for them. Hopefully, you will find these things also bring you comfort as you live your life with joy and a well managed, healthy skin.

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