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Avoid Sulfites

December 20, 2012 — 10:24pm

My inverse psoriasis has completely healed when I discovered a sulfite allergy and eliminated all sulfites from my diet. I suffered for 14 months with insane itch and rash. I know that everyone is different, but it worked for me so maybe worth a try for anyone wanting to try to heal their psoriasis with diet. Mine cleared up within days of eliminating the right foods.The rash was biopsied and diagnosed as psoriasis.

Here is how I discovered the sulfite allergy:
I seemed to get itchier after I ate anything at all (which make sense now because sulfites seem to be in everything, and do not have to be labeled except in high levels). I saw 12 different doctors and specialists over 14 months and no one mentioned this as a possibility. Only my naturopathic doctor would even consider the possibility that my psoriasis had anything to do with food. I would yo-yo on and off of very restrictive diets including gluten, dairy, nightshades, sugar, and other things that I am allergic to: corn, soy, oat, and various others. At times, the restrictive diet would seem to help, but then I would get sick again (because I was still eating apple cider vinegar, maple, molasses, grapes, grape juice, dried coconut, lemon juice concentrate and other things FULL of sulfites!) The final trial was vinegar, I gave it up and it seemed to help a LOT. So I researched “vinegar allergy” and learned that some vinegars, like the apple cider kind I was consuming daily, contain sulfites. When I learned about sulfites and eliminated all or most of them from my diet, I was completely healed. I was SO itchy everyday for over a year. I cannot tell you the relief this has brought. I hope it helps someone else!


  • I’m going to try this. I really love good wine, dried coconut, and was getting ready to start drinking a little apple cider vinager at the recommendation of a friend, but when I saw this, I realized that the more wine I drink (certain kinds), the worse the psoriasis. I’ve had it about a year now, and really didn’t change anything to make it start. Not sure what that’s about. Thanks for posting this.

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