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Chapstick’s the Saviour

February 14, 2013 — 12:18am

I have mild lesions on back of my hand. I apply moisturizing cream in the morning which goes off partially after washing. After that, I usually cover with lipbalm chapstick which are very handy to carry in your pockets. This works well until I return home to apply my regular moisturizer.


  • I have tried every OTC cream on the planet and the best one is UDDERLY SMOOTH. I originally discovered it last year as a close out item at $1.50 a jar, since then the public has discovered how amazing it is….now the price is $5.00.
    You can get it on line at Amazon for $4 now if you buy in quanity. It keeps your affected skin soft and pink without stains on clothing….miracle stuff, and it lasts.

  • the best moisturizer i have found is unrefined raw shea butter, i have sever plaque psoriasis on my legs and my elbows and my knees, every time i bend or move they would crack and split. I use the shea butter twice a day in the winter time and it works wonders. no more splitting and cracking and no dry feeling. It has to be unrefined raw shea butter from africa. the best place i have found to get it is you have to be careful with other sites because they will try to sell you imitations or refined shea butter, especially amazon, dont order from amazon. Im telling you this works better than any lotion or cream i have tried, and i have tried them all, trust me. it doesnt burn, like lotions with alcohol do and a little goes along way and its really cheap its like 8 bucks a pound and it lasts forever. it comes in a brick and you let it come to room temperature put it in a plastic bowl with a lid and beat it with a mixer till its the constistency of cake icing. you can use it on your scalp for scalp psoriasis too and it works really good.

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