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Coconut Oil

December 6, 2012 — 8:18pm

I have had to stop taking Enbrel due to some allergies and a subsequent sinus infections. However, I have been using pure organic coconut oil (you can find it with the cooking oils in the grocery store) as a moisturizer morning and night. For me, it is by far the best moisturizer I have ever used. It keeps scaly bits soft and has reduced the redness considerably. I find it less greasy than some of the heavier lotions I have tried. Some people use it as a hair treatment as well, so try it on your scalp, too. I avoid my face because the oil made me break out, but I use it everywhere else and it prevents my skin from cracking and bleeding.


  • I also started using this at the first of 2013 and find it to be a lot easier to rub in than creams/lotions. It also can be used safely and effectively on inverse P and doesn’t bother the “private” areas.

  • Coconut is very good for you – inside and out. Try eating a teaspoon full every morning. It is fantastic as a substitute butter or margarine! You can sauté in it, use it as lotion, as an anti-bacterial/anti-viral ointment and so much more!

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