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April 4, 2013 — 5:01pm

8 months ago, my normally mild psoriasis got extremely severe and covered 98% of my body.  I had 4 different types of psoriasis, and no creams were helping whatsoever.  I was breastfeeding so i started exercising. 2 months later I was 100 clear! Now I’m back at 1% which still is a blessing.


  • I am following the removal of sugar/fructose from diet in that there is a statistical association of people with psoriasis and sugar/fructose usage in the country.

    Was your diet, was eat less exercise more or specifci to remove carbohydrates, sugares, etc?

  • I have psoriasis on my scalp, palms and soles of my feet…itching, cracking, burning…miserable at times. After trying prescription topical treatments unsuccessfully, I tried many over the counter lotions, creams and so-called psoriasis treatments. The only one that relieves the discomfort and stops my skin from cracking open is by BATH AND BODY WORKS, True Blue Spa Shea butter super Rich Body Cream in an aqua colored tube. It is thick and has no chemicals to sting when applied. Applied morning, noon and night, it relieves the worst of the symptoms and is not greasy or strong smelling. I highly recommend this product.

  • My mother told me about a home remedy for psoriasis (scalp). I tried it and IT WORKED! I wanted to make it a point to pass this along to other people dealing with psoriasis. Every morning I would put about a tablespoon of white vinegar in a shot glass and top it off with cold water – just to dilute it a little bit. Then I would get a teaspoon of honey ready. I drank the vinegar & water mixture, quickly followed up by the teaspoon of honey. (I found that it is best not to take a breath in between the vinegar/water mixture & the honey so that I wouldn’t taste the vinegar so much). After a few weeks, maybe a month, I noticed a definite improvement. I kept up the regimen and pretty soon, NO MORE PSORIASIS! Now I just do that “treatment” a couple times a week and it has kept it from coming back. If I forget to do it for a couple weeks (sometimes I get busy and get out of my routine), then I notice it starting to come back. So, I just start doing the treatment again and problem solved. I don’t know if this will work for every type of psoriasis or not. I do know that it worked for her and it worked for me. Instead of spending so much money on prescription medicines, give that remedy a try. What do you have to lose? I hope that this post will be helpful to you. Take care & may God bless you!

  • My father-in-law has had psoriasis for years and we have searched for (and used) anything that would help him. We finally found something that works! A friend of mine recommended Psoriacease for him and he has been psoriasis free for 7 months now! I love that it is all-natural and safe for him. We have never seen him so happy.

  • I am looking for a remedy to get my psoriasis down to were i can ware shorts. I am 54 and had them a long time and i havent wore shorts in 20 years ………please help

  • I have had psoriasis since I was 10 years old. I am 67 currently. Yes I have had it extremely severe, even donated patches of my skin for psoriasis research. After sitting in a docors waiting room, I read an flyer that said not to use soaps that dry your skin, but to use something with a moisturizer in it. Also read in a magazine that Psoriasis messes your immune system up. When diagnosed by a doctor, that doctor needs to tell his patients what happens to the immune system. I no longer have severe psoriasis and it is 99.9% cleared up. I drink one Dannon Yogurt with imunitos, and I bathe in St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Wash.
    Also I do not drink any alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages seem to trigger the scales to multiply at an alarming rate. Alcohol drinks are not worth the aggrevation and pain for me. My paternal uncle had Psoriasis and he drank a lot.
    He had it severly, even worse than I had it at my worse. Tar soaps and shampoo do help, but nothing like the Dannon yogurt drink and the St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter. The yogurt drink helps the immune system, while the body wash helps the skin and flakes. It truly works.

  • What really helped me after trying all sorts of creams and treatments:: I stopped drinking milk- I drink soya milk instead ( you can buy tasty one sweetened with apple juice), I don’t eat cheeses and only low fat milk products and soya yoghurts. I don’t eat fried meats and don’t drink wine. I try not to eat white flour products. E 45 cream helped me so I use it every day and also Dove cosmetics is great. Living by the seaside would be great for me because sea salt is also amazing. You can try sea salt peeling. Hope my comment was useful, the problem is that everyone is different so keep trying to find what is the best for you and don’t give up.

  • Hi Patricia: for more information about available treatments for psoriasis, please visit the National Psoriasis Foundation website at, and feel free to email us at

  • Diet seems to have worked for me. I had fingernail psoriasis along with psoriasis on the palms of my hands and bottoms of my feet. I also had eczema on my legs. I tried every cream you could imagine, along with doctor prescribed medication. The medication would work, but within a couple weeks the psoriasis & eczema would be back. I went on a gluten free diet in January and haven’t had an outbreak in over 7 months. I’m not saying I’m cured, or that this will work for everyone, but 7 months without psoriasis has been WONDERFUL to say the least. It’s not easy to cut out gluten, so it’s best to research how to do it, but I’d say it’s worth it. I didn’t actually go on the diet to lose the psoriasis, I was just trying a new diet and exercise program. Well, I’m 33lbs lighter and without psoriasis! Loving life…

  • Hello, my name is Lian and i got psoriasis when i was 11. But i managed to get rid of the larger part (98%) at the age of 37. This with the help of an medical oitment called Daivonex, witch is unfortunately no longer made. It has been replaced by Dovonex (not the same oitment!). What also helped whas what i learned over the years. Things like what to avoid that would increase the irritation and the size of the spots.
    Things like:
    - All bodyproducts containing perfume. Perfume contains alcohol witch dehydrates the skin. Not good.
    - Cremes that contain water, often referred to as aqua. But water contains calcium, also known as chalk. But chalk dehydrates the skin. Just look at your fingers when you take a bath. Tip: use oitments, bathoils. Tip: do not rub ! your skin after bathing. Rubbing accelarates the skincellrenewal, causing more/bigger spots. Dap gently.
    - Synthetic fabrics: they also dehydrate the skin and can cause terrible itching (just think of the nylon stockings, ladies).
    - Jeans fabrics: this is a rough fabric and sort of “chaves” your skin. This chaving accelarates the cellrenewal, causing more/bigger spots. Try to wear natural and soft fabrics like linnen, cotton, wool.
    - Hairdryer: wonderful invention, but the hot and dry air dehydrates the skin on your forehead and behind your eares. Tip: put some creme on these places before you dry your hair.
    - Hairspray: worlds best invention, but it suffocates the pores. Tip: try gel or wax. This is applied on the hair, not on the skin, so the pores can “breath”.

    In my case the pores where the key to the solution. I have learned that whatever you applie on your skin, it must be applied on the pores directly. Not on the scales! Scales are dead skincells. But something that is dead can not absorbe anything. Worse, the scales are a barrier between the oitment/creme and the living tissue. And it is the living tissue that needs to be treated.
    So before applying, remove all the scales. It’s a hell of a job, but worth trying.
    It is also important that your skin is warm when you applie the creme. Warmth opens up the pores, making it possible for the creme to be better absorbed. (A good thing to know before you buy a very expensive facial creme).

    I used to take a bath every day, for 3 months long. The water as hot as possible, with some bathoil. I would soak my legs for 30 minutes. Then gently dapping the skin dry. Then again, with a new towel, to make sure that there were no calciumparticles left on the skin.
    After that, i would gently, with a fingernail, remove all of the scales. And then i would applie the oitment. The rest of the day i wore woolen stockings. They kept my legs warm so the oitment could be absorbed all day long.
    After 3 months my legs were clean. I went on for another month, to “toughen up” the skin. After 4 months my legs were and stayed spotfree until this day.

  • Hello!
    Thanks for the info on this page.
    My mother is suffering from psoriasis for more than 20 years now. We have tried all the treatments available in the market and the result is still the same.She is 75 years now.. please let me know what natural therapy I should try for starters…

  • I have had very bad psoriasis for the past 3 years…my legs and lower back so bad they were often bloody from intense itching. I tried many of the ideas that others on this site shared with little success. One month ago I bought a jar of psoriason ointment from walgreens. Rubbed it on my legs every night and morning for the last 4 weeks and im almost clear….can hardly believe it! It does have coal tar in it but the smell dissipates quickly. I know different things work for different people but I hope somebody else will get relief from this too. Psoriasis is a nasty disease, I appreciate this site

  • My skin and scalp respond well to avocado

  • I have tried pills, shots, and infusions nothing stopped the itching or spread and for two years my life came to a complete standstill. I was willing to pay the copay and my retirement has dwindled to a fear level for me. One month topical cost was $1000. even the pharmacist had to agree who can pay this? I found on a blog Vicks vapor rub was recommended and guess what my hands are clear my feet are much better and the cost is less than a dollar. Stress seems to be my achillies heel so I try not to put myself in those situations. It does help too if you give up the political news.

  • I suffered from psoriasis for 4 months, was treated fro spend a lot of money and time. eventually I was advised by a neighbor that he had found the disease with 70% alcohol. every morning and evening before bed I apply a 70% alcohol it’s all my psoriasis, results in a month later my psoriasis disappeared but lately it appears again but not as bad as the first, further treatment every day in the morning and before bed I always anoint him with alcohol 70 %, can we buy at the nearest pharmacy.
    I hope people can try and successfully recovered

  • For 6 years suffering, had lots of medical treatments, those gave me a short or no relieve, cost much money and resulted on pneumonia and other infections. A young pharmacist recommended a borrage cream that made a difference. I was happy. Then I heard of a woman cured and contacted her pharmacist- brother. Since a few months I also take a tablet every morning and I am almost cured. The tablet contains probiotics, vitamin B1,B2,aloe vera ( fremental max). Within 48 hours I could see most of my patches disappearing,the rest gradually. The effect is great. I keep washing myself mildly (aloedermal ot pure olive oil soap). I don’t need body lotions anymore!! I also reduced sugar, bread,no preserved food, no alcohol. A short daily walk seems very beneficial too.

  • Is most everyone with psoriasis finding it beneficial to stop or severely cut down on alcohol consumption?

  • I have psoriasis on my palms and on my feet. Sometimes it becomes very painful where I can not walk. All of the prescribed medicine that I have used is not working. Any suggestions?

  • I have inverse psoriasis of skin and genitals..It is true that keeping the skin moist is helpful ….I shower using non-scented Dove soap bar…very rich and creamy…then before getting out of shower, I slather Avon Skin So Soft ORIGINAL Batb Oil on my skin everywhere…even genital area..then quickly semi rinse off for just a second or two… (warm water)…then just DAB your body with towel to dry off, being careful to not totally removing the oil…allowing it to sink into the skin. It smells so wonderful too!!

    I also have plaque psoriasis of scalp but don’t pur the oil on my scalp…too messy with blonde hair.

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