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January 14, 2013 — 10:09pm

I, too, suffered with psoriasis on my hands and feet for two years. I had been seeing two different dermatologists and had been prescribed many different creams and salves; I even tried the PUVA soak and ultraviolet light treatment for about two months. I can’t begin to add up the money I spent on band-aid’s and liquid bandage. Then one day I read an article on-line about ASPARTAME, an ingredient in diet soda. I’ve drank soda since I was a teen and a little over two years ago I switched to diet soda and that’s when my psoriasis popped up. I stopped drinking Diet Pepsi two months ago and I no longer have any signs I ever had the problem! Now I only drink juice or water.


  • I just read your about your experience after stopping drinking Diet Pepsi. I was stunned to put it mildly! I have been flare-ups of psoriasis on my face and scalp for about three years. Two months ago “it” appeared on my fingernails and they look gross. They split, rip, and lift from the nail bed leaving ugly white brittle areas near the tip. I also have used bandaids and nail glue on the tips to try and prevent damage….mostly futile. My ONE VICE in life is my LOVE for Diet Pepsi Cherry. I thought stress was my culprit… anxious and take anti-depressant med.
    Now I wonder if the Diet Pepsi is responsible for my ailment. How long did it take for you to notice a difference after stopping consumption of Diet Pepsi?
    Amazing……I hope you respond to my question.

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