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Ear Plaque Psoriasis

February 14, 2013 — 12:12am

Every morning before showering, take a wash cloth and scrub off excess scales, also wipe inside each ear, removing excess skin; take shower; after shower, put Vaseline w/cocoa butter on each ear (just enough to moisten — too much is really gross and my long hair gets oily with it. I have to do this each day. Going one day w/o is HORRIBLE to have someone see.


  • This is a wonderful idea. I have been using a ‘tad’ bit of cortisone cream….but I will definitely give this a try.

  • I started taking curcumin 500 mg for four weeks and it stopped the same problem with my ears, Here’s my full post:

    I’ve had plaque psoriasis for 25 years with little notable treatment success. After chemo for leukemia, the psoriasis increased to about 15% of my body. I used NB UvB for eight months with minimal improvement. Topics have never done much for me either. Recently, after investigating biologics, I wondered if any herbal compounds had the anti-TNF factor that’s responsible for the effect of biologics like Enbrel. It turned out that Curcumin did. I tried 500 mg. capsules of the Doctor’s Best formulation with peperine to enhance bioavaliablity. My initial reaction was painful, massive swelling in my legs – edema. But after three days, the psoriasis scale flattened out and started to fragment. In the tub, the scale residue was no longer flakes but had turned to powder. My skin was very sensitive and abraded and bled when I used a washcloth. But after two weeks I had entirely stopped scaling. Also no itching which was a big relief because a month previously I could only get through the day if I were entirely covered in vaseline. After the first month of using Curcumin, the flaking completely stopped and I was just left with extensive skin discoloration which I’ve been tackling with Dovenex cream and sometimes coal tar solution. I’ve also gained eight pounds rather quickly and have stopped taking curcumin for the moment in the hope the weight loss will subside. The flaking and itching, however, is entirely gone. I’ve even gone four days without bathing and the only slight appearance of scale has been on my elbows. The tips of my fingernails have turned stark white. It’s now a month since I used more curcumin and the psoriasis still hasn’t started scaling again. This is the first time I’ve seen any systemic robust treatment response and now I’m focusing on reducing the skin discoloration and weight gain. I’d say my PASI score is about a 50% reduction so far and continuing. Not much luck with the weight gain. Also feeling pretty crappy but that might be attributable to my having reached an endpoint with my treatment for leukemia.

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