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Enbrel and nail psoriasis

January 30, 2013 — 11:40pm

I have had psoriatic arthritis for 20+ years and have been forced to retire from orthopedic surgery because of the disease. I have the form that attacks the small joints of the hands and feet more than other joints.

I began Enbrel 4 months ago with really good results. The important thing here is that I had horrible nail involvement…which has cleared completely.

Editors Note: Enbrel is only available by prescription from a doctor.


  • I also have psoriatic arthritis in my fingers and my feet. My question is did you try any other meds before using Enbrel?

  • Enbrel is amazing for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis…I was clear of psoriasis and from arthritis pain for 10 years while on Enbrel…but then I was diagnosed with MS.
    One Doctor says it was the Enbrel…the other says could be..but not sure! Be careful and read all the warnings!

  • I have never had the medicne so i don’i know. All I know is I need some help.I got laid off my j in 2010 no insurance had to have kidney surgery,heart treament, i need som medical help i can’t see a doctor unless i have $100-
    to $200 in my pocket all the unempolyment is gone want give me disability. Help me please

  • Is it expansive ?

  • What was the situation with your nails? Pitting? Eaten a way?

    What was the result after 4 months?

    Any side effects?

  • >Emma Harris. The Ambvie (sp?) Foundation will help low income folks with meds. They have helped me obtain Humira for 2 yrs.

  • I am a 49 YOA male, and I have been taking Enbrel for mostly psoriasis of the nails for the past 3 months, as prescribed by a doctor…(1) one edipen shot a week. Before, I had two “oozer” nails, and three other totally deformed, loosened nails from the onset of psoriasis in the nails, which came all of a sudden back in November 2013 (I had very little skin psoriasis visible). Initially, I tried topical biotics, vinegar solutions, tea extracts, varnshes, fungi drops,salt baths, all of which didn’t do squat. Now, with the Enbrel program, I only have 3-1/2 bad nails (versus 5) oozers..and they are still improving. I am hoping the recovery of all of the nails will be complete by March 2014. The Doc says “hope but don’t expect 100%” as some treatments in this area fail for a few nails here and there. The ultimate treatment is nail removal or painful steroid shots, neither of which guarantee nail Matrix perfection/repair. The matrix is deformed because of inflammation from the disease, which causes continued improper nail growth and deformity.
    I will say that I have also experienced better ups and downs with leg and back joints since taking Enbrel, when before it was getting hard just getting up off the toilet or getting out of bed.
    The most anyone shoud have to pay for Enbrel if on insurance or welfare is around $35-$100 a month if you look for the discount programs with websites, although it normally retails out at $3000 a month for a 30 day supply!
    My dermatoligist says that test results have been out on Ebrel since 1994/1996, and it is widely used to treat Psoriatic Arthritis; and, that what he has read indicates “Aspirin has killed more people than Enbrel, relatively % speaking”. I know it comes with a lot of scare side affects, and some might be true in older or very young patients, but for right now..I’m gonna stay on the program and see where the drug takes me for the next 6 months. The nail dysfuntion is more of an eye sore and embarassment than a physical discomfort for now, so I’m hoping for 99% better results by April. Maybe then, I can ease up on taking Enbrel for a while, but my Doc says expect to be on the drug for a while due to my other aches and pains. he also said the nail psoriasis could come back if I stopped the treatment as well. Uggghh.
    Hope this helps all….

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