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February 13, 2013 — 11:20pm

I have had scalp psoriasis since I was 12 (I’ll be 28 next month). I have tried a medicated shampoo and every over-the-counter shampoo you can possibly get. The one medicated shampoo that I tried was when I was still pretty young and hated the way it smelled, so I didn’t give it a fair shot. As far as over-the-counter shampoos go, there was one point where I was alternating between T-Gel, T-Sal, Head & Shoulders, and Nizoral AD every week. It was expensive and was the closest I came to being scale free… until now.

I finally went to a dermatologist where I was diagnosed with Psoriasis. They gave me a corticosteroid foam to use on my scalp. I had tried a fragrance-free, dye-free shampoo prior to this visit with little success. I decided to give the fragrance free, dye free shampoo another shot. That, combined with the foam, has made me scale free for about a month now. It’s amazing.

I had switched to a free and clear laundry detergent before my son was born and noticed less everyday itchiness. I also noticed a difference when I switched to a face cream that was fragrance-free. I’ve now ordered all of my daily cosmetic products in free and/or clear forms to see if I notice a difference. This includes eye cream, body wash, lotion, shaving cream, conditioner, and deodorant!


  • I have run of comments. Could use more hints. i have just wasted alot of money on laser treatments. No help!

  • Sounds encouraging- dermatologist did skin testing and told me I was not allergic to anything – but having a big flare up and another derm changed laundry detergent to ALL free and clear laundry detergent along with some new meds

  • i also use a prescription shampoo but it is not working well. what is the name of the foam shampoo you were prescribed

  • What was the name of that foam you used? I would like to try it and hope that it clears me up! Thanks

  • Thank you for your post! My daughter is 17 and has been fighting this scalp psoriasis problem since kindergarten. It really takes a toll on her! I will definitely try the fragrance free recommendation..! Is there a specific shampoo that you like? Currently, she is on both the foam and prescription medicated shampoo with no avail. This is the worst her scalp has been… Thank God, she has very thick hair!

  • Is the foam called, Clobetasol Propionate .05%?
    The shampoo that is questionable is: ketoconazole 2%

    my daughter is currently using both, but I’m really concerned about the continued use of all these medicines…?

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