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Scalp psoriasis

April 3, 2013 — 9:53pm

I used Fluocinolone Acetonide scalp oil just when i need it at nite. I cover my hair with a shower cap, then in the morning I wash with T-Sal shampoo and t-gel conditioning. It works great on my scalp (my head was covered with 100% scalp psoriasis). I hope it will help somebody!


  • thanks I just started using this one day ago. Did this affect your hair growth it did mine it seems like it growing back a small symptom a 1.5 and now it back as well. Thanks for the encouragement

  • I have sever scalp psoriasis covering my entire scalp and I use fluocinonide 0.05% cream every night and doesn’t have any affect but I’ll try using the shampoo and conditioner you use I pray it works I’m so embarrassed , depressed , and frustrated with this condition.

  • I had sever scalp psoriasis & fluociniode used to help but not now. Now I’m on my 3rd month of methodexite and now it sounds like rice crispies when i rub it. hate this. It started popping out on my body before the metho… now it’s just my scalp and i think it’s healing.

  • I am using fluocinolone oil for my scalp too. Same regime: oil at night,wash out in the morning. The scales are softening and coming off, but I am losing a lot of hair – a lot-each time. Does anyone else have that problem?

  • YES,& ITs sooooo itchy! I swear its a slow toture I keep hurting my joints with any little thing I do. Hurt my l, shoulder & wrist just carrying in in some like groceries this am.

    Well,good luck if i come across any new discoveries,…..will let you know.Til then hope your days get better. Good luck. Kim.10/6/13.

  • Until september I had mild psoriasis…in my eyebrows and ears,and psoriatic arthritis in my hands…all managable. but then it erupted EVERYWHERE…I went to the dermatologist and got 3 different steroid medications (clobetasol) and a strong vitamin D cream. I now just have it on my head, covering one eardrum (causing 80% hearing loss in that ear) and hands. NOTHING seems to help…and my hair is falling out in handfuls…haven’t used steroids on my head in 2 weeks, thinking that might be contributing…but it continues. Does anyone know what to do about the hair loss. I can stand the itching and stinging….but don’t want to be a bald lady.

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