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Sun and Alcohol

January 4, 2013 — 10:29pm
Once upon a time, I checked into a rehab center for alcohol dependency. One reason I drank so much was because I was so devastated by my skin condition. I had, at this time, psoriasis covering 20% – 25% of my body, especially on my legs and arms. I told a counselor there about the […] Read more »

Home ultraviolet light therapy

December 12, 2012 — 11:49pm
I have had psoriasis since I was 9 years old. Natural sunlight and ultraviolet therapy has always worked to reduce the lesions or effect a remission. Before moving to Key West, FL, I lived in the Midwest and had a “sunbooth” in my home. Eight 40-watt UV bulbs mounted in the corners of a small, […] Read more »

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